The Spring


In untouched nature North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden crystal clear water surfaces in a spring at the foot of Mount Hirvasåive. Before coming to surface the water passes through nature's own decades long cycle of cleansing, unchanged for thousands of years. The result is a unique natural mineral water containing very low quantities of dissolved particles and neutral pH-value.

Åive is probably the purest mineral water in the World.


The Water


All mineral waters have different qualities. The water characteristics can be studied by reading the labels on the bottles for the respective mineral waters. Here you can see the comparison between Åive and four common waters on the European market. We invite you to try Åive and compare with other mineral waters and are confident that you will like it as much as we do. Enjoy, and please remember to provide your body with a sufficient amount of water every day.


Our History and Mission


Åive AB was started over 20 years ago and our mission is to bring you the best possible mineral water directly from the wilderness of the region North of the Arctic Circle.


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